SAMBA by Unitronics is a programmable automaton with a built-in color touch screen that fits in the palm of your hand. The touchscreen QVGA of 3.5 (SM35 …) or 4.3 (SM43 …) inches and 16 bits allows data entry, color trend graphs and alarm screens. At an unbeatable price!

SAMBA supports 24 screens designed by the user and up to 40 images per application. The programmable PLC offers a wide range of features including 2 PID with autotuning, RTC time control, data logging, recipes and much more. The internal memory allows 0.5MB of application logic (ladder), 512K for sources and 0.5MB for images. It also has digital, analog and high-speed inputs and outputs integrated into the own automaton.

The cover is flat, so it receives a rating of IP66 / IP65 / NEMA4X: excellent for the food and pharmaceutical industry or where sprays or other types of cleaning are applied.

SAMBA offers an integrated RS-232 serial port. Optionally you can add an RS-485 serial port, Ethernet port or CANbus port and it is compatible with GPRS / GSM, email, SMS, as well as the TCP / IP, slave Modbus DF1, CANopen, J1939 protocols and can also develop almost any protocol.


  • SM35-J-R20 y SM43-J-R20: programmable controller with 10 digital inputs, 2 digital inputs convertible to analog and 8 relay outputs.
  • SM35-J-T20 y SM43-J-T20: programmable controller with 10 digital inputs, 2 digital inputs convertible to analog and 8 transistor outputs