UNITRONICS authorized dealer

Company that was born in Israel dedicated to manufacture military technology and that from 2000 began its production of OPLC.

What is an Unitronics OPLC?

It is a PLC with embedded HMI and integrated into one device.
This equipment allows automating any type of process, from simple on / off to complex as a system with hundreds of points of I / O, even with serial / Ethernet protocols. It has modules for expansion of inputs and outputs, as well as special modules.

How does Unitronics do it?

The main development of Unitronics is a PLC to which a screen has been incorporated in an integrated way.
There are screens of 2 lines of characters and 2.4 “, and up to touchscreens of 65,000 colors with sizes of 3.5”, 5.7 “, 10.4” and 12.1 “.

What does Unitronics offer?

With the purchase of an Unitronics device, everything necessary to program the equipment from the start is included:

  • Automaton.
  • Free programming software.
  • Communication cable PC – PLC.
  • Connection terminals.
  • Protective rubber.
  • Clamping anchors.

Advantages with Unitronics

The advantage of using Unitronics is that, by incorporating the automaton and the screen in a single device, the programming is done from a single software, obtaining a programming speed.

It has the best technologies and modern materials, expansion of digital inputs and outputs, analog inputs and outputs, fast, encoder, temperature, weighing, modem, etc.

It has programming and HMI assistants with a clear orientation to the user, in an intuitive way, including a library of attractive graphic objects.